The Lost Vikings


The three most famous vikings in the video game world


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The Lost Vikings is a puzzle and platform game in 2D that appeared first in 1992; more than 20 years later, Blizzard Entertainment has decided to distribute it completely for free.

In The Lost Vikings you control three different vikings, each of them with their own special abilities. Your mission is to escape the clutches of a mysterious alien race that has kidnapped you and your clan, and then go back home.

Thanks to the different skills that the three main characters have, you can face all the challenges in each level. One of your vikings, for instance, can attack with the sword and the bow; while the other can run and jump.

It's important to have in mind that you can't control the three characters at the same time, so you have to alternate them, and use them by combining their abilities.

The Lost Vikings was an excellent puzzle and platform game when it was first released, and it still is now that it is free. Besides, the emulation through DosBox, which is incorporated in the file, is almost perfect.
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